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Pet Food Truth

Posted on : 20-02-2011 | By : Jennifer Goodwin | In : featured, Pet Food Truth


Dry and canned commercial pet food = sickness & death. Cooked food = sickness & death. Read that again if it doesn’t shock you or make you drop that box of pet food in your hand. (When have you ever seen a group of animals sitting around a campfire, cooking their catch of the day?) And if you say “my pet’s body is different; they are domesticated” I will beat my head against the wall for every pet that has suffered….Domesticated simply means we brought these wild animals inside the house. We neglected to bring the food that mother nature matched for them: their PREY. (aka Raw food diet)

Most pet owners try very hard to feed their pet a healthy diet. They read the packaging – which says “Premium” or “Choice” or “100% Complete Nutrition”. They have no idea that premium or choice could be very misleading marketing words. Here’s the truth…Cow brains. Sheep guts. Chicken heads. Road kill. Rancid grain. These are a few of the so-called nutritionally balanced ingredients found in the commercial pet food served to companion animals every day.

Close to 80% of pet foods found in veterinarian offices, grocery stores, and national retailers (all making statements of ‘Premium’, ‘Choice’, and/or Complete Nutrition) contain one or ALL of the following dangerous or inferior ingredients…

By products: Potentially dangerous left-overs from the human food industry …including but not limited to lungs, spleens, intestines, diseased animals and diseased animal tissue.

Meat meal, meat and bone meal, animal digest and animal fat: Disgusting and potentially dangerous cooked euthanized animals, pentobarbital (drug used to euthanize animals), diseased animals and diseased animal tissues, used restaurant grease, and spoiled grocery store meats.
Chemical Preservatives: BHA, BHT, TBHQ, and Ethoxyquin – highly controversial chemical preservatives having limited use in human food – but is allowed in pet foods up to 30 times what is allowed in human foods.

Grains: Corn, Wheat, and Soy and ALL their many variations are difficult for pets to digest, are common food allergens, and are highly prone to a deadly mold that has been responsible for many pet deaths.

This means that the majority of pet owners are unknowingly feeding potentially dangerous food to their beloved dogs and cats day in and day out – trusting in those premium, choice, and complete nutrition words. Don’t misunderstand; animals are carnivores and MUST eat a raw meat diet, not the chemically doused scrapings off the conveyor belt warehouse floor. Visit our other pages for more information. You and your pets will be glad you did!

Please Feed Raw Meat,

Jennifer xoxo

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