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Pet Food TruthPet Food Truth Dry and canned commercial pet food = sickness & death. Cooked food = sickness & death. Read that again if it doesn't shock you or make you drop that box of pet food in your hand. (When have you...

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Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am the proud owner of two healthy organic pets. My cat Bailey was adopted by me at the age of 7 months old. He was on regular kibble and I thought that switching him to organic kibble was the best thing I could do. He had a tumor in his ear that kept growing little by little. I would just notice year after year that it seemed a little bit bigger. One day, after getting a reply on craigslist from someone who yelled at me for feeding my cat dry, I sat down and did some investigation. That person basically bonked me over the head and said “Hello…McFly! animals don’t eat organic kibble in the wild; they eat other animals.” Since that day, I have done tons of reading and research, held many discussions with holistic vets and raw feeding pet owners and am now part of some really cool online groups which you can join on our LINKS area. The best part of this story is that when I took Bailey off kibble and started feeding him raw, that grape sized tumor flattened out in 60 days. I literally saw it going down every day/week. It is now more of a flat scab type thing that we are getting rid of with our holistic vet and hopefully, if there were any hidden problems that I could not see, they are also going away.

Bailey is now 5 years old and everyone that meets him can’t believe how soft and full his fur is, how shiny and clear his eyes are and how sweet his disposition is.

NOTE: You know how most cats have strong pungent pee pee odor? Bailey’s actually does not smell. I’m convinced it’s because his pee pee is clear and free of the harmful pollutants that are in dry & canned commercial food.

Since learning all of this, I have added pets to my list of causes. We now have an adopted Chihuahua puppy who is thriving on raw. Davey came home lethargic, full of parasites and with his skin peeling off in flakes all over his body. He could not sit 5 minutes without biting all over. We immediately put him on raw and watched him eat like he had never eaten before. His parasites got cured by the holistic vet and she said that 30 days on raw should clear up his skin problem. She was right! We feed our pets a combination of Nature’s Variety Raw Frozen Food and Organic meats from Whole Foods. Please visit our sponsors to see what we use and how we do it. My goal is to take the guess work out of it so you and your pets can live a longer life together!

Jennifer Goodwin