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Pet Food TruthPet Food Truth Dry and canned commercial pet food = sickness & death. Cooked food = sickness & death. Read that again if it doesn't shock you or make you drop that box of pet food in your hand. (When have you...

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Shahs Of Sunset Dogs MJ’s Chihuahuas Another Hollywood Tragedy

Posted on : 20-01-2013 | By : Jennifer Goodwin | In : featured, hollywood pets



Mj stated in a recent interview: “They eat broiled chicken breast, white rice; sometimes they have basmati with saffron in it. My parents spoil them, so the developed this sophisticated palate.  We also do cardio together, and they stretch; we have a yoga DVD. They’re really never alone, they’re always stimulated or resting or exercising or wrestling each other.”

Oh! Is that why they are so lean and muscular? NOT.

Another Hollywood tragedy when it comes to pets. Dogs and cats are carnivores. Carnivores eat meat. Go back to 1st grade if you have forgotten (been brainwashed) about the science of animals.

Use your own brain: look at raw fed pets and how healthy they are…then look at yet another example of pets eating food that is toxic to their system.